San Jose Bailiwick No. 1
1996 Investiture

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In June of 1996, San Jose Bailiwick No. 1 was pleased to host the annual Universal Chapter gathering of Nobility, Knights, prospective Knights, friends and family of The Religious and Military Order of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The Friday night Vigil and Saturday Investiture ceremonies were held at a nearby church, while a Knights' luncheon and evening banquet were held at the Fremont / Hilton Hotel, in Fremont, California, USA.

The following pictures depict the dignity, solemnity, and camaraderie exhibited at this special weekend:

The Sovereign Grand Master, The Count Palatine of Maxalla, Dr. Lloyd Worley preparing for a ceremony.


Prospective Knights follow along with the Grand Master before being put under a vow of silence during the Friday evening Vigil ceremony.


Knight Grand Commander Nbuduisi P. C. Nnaji and newly made Squire Benjamin Butler share some time together in between events at the hotel.


The Right Honorable Chevalier Giovanni M. Barile being empowered by the Grand Master during the Saturday Investiture Ceremony.


Group picture of Count Maxalla, all Knights present (new and existing), and Squire Benjamin.


A number of Knights, Squire Benjamin, and the Lady Hall enjoy a break in the seriousness of the occasion.


Newly installed Knight Companion, Chevalier Giovanni Barile between Fr. Burda (left) and the Count Palatine of Maxalla (right).

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